Great Bike Contest


Rules & Details

The contest will run for 4 weeks starting September 9th.

Every JoeTrivia venue will be giving away their own cruiser.

The Team with the most points after 4 weeks of JoeTrivia at that specific venue wins the cruiser. 

Each Night teams will have an opportunity to add to their total score.

total scores will be announced at the end of each nightly game.

Teams must use the same name throughout the 4 weeks.

The Team must be following JoeTrivia on Facebook/Instagram.



What happens if I miss a week?

Nothing. You will not accrue points if you are not playing.

Can we change players every game?

Yes, but you must keep the same team name.

Can I change my Team Name?

No. Keeping the same team name ensures accurate total scores.

I play at multiple locations weekly. Can I carry over points?

No. Points are only accrued and valid at the venue where you are playing. 

What if someone is cheating?

There will Zero tolerance of cheating. If a team is even suspected of cheating their nightly score will be invalid. The host will make the fail determination.

We have more than 1 person on our team. Can we get more than one bike?

No. The winning team will receive the cruiser. It is up to the team to determine what they do with the bike.

Can a person be on more than one team?

Yes, but it is not recommended.